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  • Quick assembly using PROtrack Fixing Tool
  •  No need for mechanical or welded fixing of Vane to Track

Turning Vane

  • Twin walled vane construction can provide cost savings of up to 40% against a one-piece configuration
  • Dimpled edge ensures stability of closure seams
  • Dimpled edge helps prevent vane twist

System Components and Construction Specification

Vane: 50mm twin Walled Turning Vane, Roll Formed from Galvanised Steel BS EN 10346:2009 DX51 Z275
PROtrack: Roll Formed Pre-Galvanised Steel BS EN 10346:2009 DX51 Z275

Ensures precise Turning Vane alignment and incorporates a special tab device, which is locked onto the Air Turning Vane by use of a special tool.

Weights for Track and Vane

Air Turning Vane: 0.65 Kg/m
PROtrack: 0.45 Kg/m

The characteristics of Turning Vane and Track, which are used in the construction of square throat bends, are set out in B&ES DW/144 Second Edition 2013.


Design Elements

Square bends shall be fitted with turning vanes, with a maximum spacing between the vanes of 60mm. They shall have an inner radius of 50mm and the maximum length of unsupported vane shall be 1250mm. The completed turning vane assembly shall be fitted into the duct by mechanically closed rivets or bolts.
The Turning Vane and track are assembled using the PROtrack Fixing Tool, which is available separately.