Product details ▾
  • Standardises method of installation of galvanised flanges for all diameters above 200mm
  • Can be partially installed at the ductwork manufacturing location, saving expensive time on-site
  • Allows better quality control and added structural strength during transit and on-site handling
  • Reduces potential hazards when handling or transporting ductwork and equipment, as protection is given against raw edges of spigots and ducting, helping to avoid injury to personnel
  • Provides high-performance air leakage results via an integral mastic seal/gasket system in accordance with B&ES DW/144 Second Edition 2013 in excess of performance available from spigotted connections
  • Faster installation without detriment to performance as confirmed by independent testing carried out by BSRIA on behalf of Ductmate, showing potential savings of up to 25% on labour
  • As no additional sealant is required and the closure ring can be fitted using hand tools, installation is made easier in confined spaces – without affecting air leakage requirements
  • Information of drilling details is no longer required, eliminating possible errors
  • Aesthetic appearance of the finished installation is far superior to that of other systems available
  • Removal of ductwork sections for cleaning, maintenance or replacement of equipment is made easier

Diameters Available in the Following Sizes

Spiralmate 15 Spiralmate 30
(200mm – 699mm) (700mm – 2000mm)

Technical Test Parameters

The characteristics of a particular duct connection or joint are classified in B&ES DW/144 Second Edition 2013 – Fig’s 77-90.  In the absence of a specific test procedure relating to this type of connection system Ductmate commissioned BSRIA to conduct a series of air leakage tests.  Copies of report available upon request.

System Components and Constructional Specification

Flange Section: Roll Formed Galvanised Steel BS EN 10346:2009 DX51 Z275
Closure Ring: Roll Formed Galvanised Steel BS EN 10346:2009 DX51 Z275
Gasket: 440 Butyl Gasket Tape And Self Adhesive Gasket Tape

Note:  Other materials available.  Please contact Ductmate (Europe) Ltd for details.


Weights for Individual Items

Diameter Weight/Kg
200 1.00
250 1.22
280 1.37
315 1.54
355 1.74
400 1.96
450 2.20
500 2.45
560 2.74
630 3.06
710 5.00
800 7.00
900 8.36
1000 9.28
1120 10.40
1125 11.60
1400 13.00
1600 14.84
2000 18.56