Product details ▾
  • BSRIA tested to B&ES DW/144 Second Edition 2013 Class ‘C’ leakage requirements
  • Complete panel, frame and gasket tape system
  • User-friendly cam fasteners
  • Rockwool infill provides thermal installation
  • Compression locking stop, which locates the cam fasteners thus holding the door panel in position
  • Round cornered tabs, which reduce the risk of injury on site from sharp edges and allow easy fixing to the duct wall
  • Gasket tape is fitted to the inside and outside doorframe, thus the door panel is sealed against the frame and frame is sealed against the duct wall
  • High performance acoustic integrity eliminating the need to be ‘covered’ when acoustic duct lagging is to be applied to the duct

Standard Sizes Available

150mm x 150mm 300mm x 200mm 450mm x 450mm
200mm x 125mm 300mm x 300mm 600mm x 300mm
200mm x 200mm 400mm x 300mm 600mm x 400mm
250mm x 250mm 400mm x 400mm 600mm x 450mm
300mm x 150mm 450mm x 300mm 600mm x 600mm

Other Sizes Available Upon Request

Ductmate Insulated Tab Access Doors meet the requirement of B&ES DW/144 Second Edition 2013 regarding air leakage criteria. All doors have been tested by BSRIA the approved Test House for B&ES.

Copies of Test Certificates are available upon request.

System Components and Constructional Specification

Panels: Galvanised Steel BS EN 10346:2009 DX51 Z275
Gasket: Self Adhesive Gasket Tape
Insulation: Rockwool Type RWA 45
Optional Features: The inclusion of a safety wire (No. dependant on size of door)Hinge to one side in lieu thumb locks

Note:  Other materials available. Please contact Ductmate (Europe) Ltd for details.

Weights for Individual Doors (Galvanised)

Dimensions WeightEach(Kg) Dimensions WeightEach(Kg) Dimensions WeightEach(Kg)
150mm x 150mm 0.516 300mm x 200mm 1.062 450mm x 450mm 2.95
200mm x 125mm 0.58 300mm x 300mm 1.358 600mm x 300mm 2.798
200mm x 200mm 0.782 400mm x 300mm 2.014 600mm x 400mm 3.55
250mm x 250mm 1.168 400mm x 400mm 2.158 600mm x 450mm 3.88
300mm x 150mm 0.934 450mm x 300mm 2.142 600mm x 600mm 5.98