Product details ▾
  • BSRIA tested to B&ES DW/144 Second Edition 2013 Class ‘C’ leakage requirements
  • Two sheet metal construction formed by precision “stamping” to provide increased strength
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • User-friendly hand knobs to facilitate easy opening and closing without the need for special tools
  • Conical spring design, enabling the two-piece door to perform as a single unit
  • Oval-shaped opening cut in the duct wall permits the back plate or “inner plate” to slip easily through and form an airtight seal, via the gasket
  • A three-piece thermally insulated design
  • Insulation has Class ‘O’ rating

Ductmate Insulated Sandwich Type Access Doors provide an easy access to rectangular ducts where regular access is required for maintenance items or cleaning.

Standard Sizes Available

Type Dimensions
5 120mm dia
8 200mm dia
106 250mm x 150mm
128 300mm x 200mm
1814 450mm x 350mm
2418 600mm x 450mm


Ductmate Insulated Sandwich Access Doors meet the requirement of B&ES DW/144 Second Edition 2013 regarding air leakage criteria. All doors have been tested by BSRIA the approved Test House for B&ES.

Copies of Test Certificates are available upon request.

System Components and Constructional Specification

Panels: Galvanised Steel BS EN 10346:2009 DX51 Z275
Hand Knobs High Impact Resistant Thermoplasticc/w Aluminium Threaded Insert
Insulation: AbFoam NF – Class ‘O’ Rating
Gasket: Self Adhesive Gasket Tape
Optional Features: The inclusion of a safety wire(No. dependant on size of door)

Note:  Other materials available.Please contact Ductmate (Europe) Ltd for details.

Weights for Individual Doors

Dimensions WeightEach(Kg)
120mm dia 0.166
200mm dia 0.466
200mm x 150mm 0.666
300mm x 200mm 1.072
450mm x 350mm 2.726
600mm x 450mm 5.206