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Self Adhesive Gasket Tape
Technical Installation


With Ductmate Neoprene Gasket Material

Prior to starting installation, check that correct size of gasket is being applied for size of Ductmate Flange being used.

Gasket Tape sizes to be used
Ductmate 25 14 x 6mm
Ductmate 35 19 x 6mm
Ductmate 45 25 x 6mm


PREFERRED - Apply approximately 75mm of 440 Gasket to the corners as shown. NOTE: For Ductmate 45 use approximately 120mm Gasket Tape. It is important to press the Gasket Tape firmly into the space created by the sealant pocket of the Flange. Ensure all 8 corners are treated.

2. ALTERNATIVE (Ductmate 25 & 35 only) - Apply Ductmate 795 Sealer to the corners as shown. Ensure all 8 corners are treated.
3. Apply Ductmate Gasket Tape by peeling off the vinyl backing and applying to the Ductmate Flange starting about half way between two corners. Position along groove in Ductmate Flange as shown. Ductmate 45 NOTE: Ensure Gasket edge is lined below the sealant pocket.
4. Position Gasket Tape in an arc to cover the corner of the duct section. A small amount of the Ductmate Gasket Tape will protrude into the airstream at the corners when positioned correctly.
5. Apply Ductmate Gasket Tape in one piece around the Ductmate frame and join at the starting point with a firm butt joint, ensuring there is no gap.


The duct sections are joined by bringing together the four corners by installing set screws and nuts. Use wrenches, nut driver or adjust a vice grip so that when the Gasket Tape is compressed, the corner pieces touch. Then tighten the set screw and nut.
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