History of Ductmate
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In 1981, Ductmate began to manufacture and market slide-on flange systems for rectangular sheet metal air ducts.

Ductmate was the first system to offer an integrated sealant within the Flange System, eliminating the need to seal the ducting cross-joints, which would normally be done manually.

The aim of Ductmate is to provide cost effective products that save customers time and money with efficient, well-conceived designs that have no detrimental effect on the environment.

Spiralmate, encompassing the same virtues as Ductmate, but for circular ducting was introduced to the ducting industry in 1991.

Continued expansion of the Ductmate Flange System occurred in 1998 with the introduction of the DM45 flange. This 45 mm design now allows slide on flange to be used on the full compliment of ductwork constructed to the HVCA DW144 specification.

Further development has seen the existing rectangular flange connection range extended with additional options of 20mm and 30mm becoming available to fall in line with standard European sizes, thus making Ductmate the most comprehensive flange system on the market with five different flange profiles.

These products together with our range of access doors for both rectangular and circular ducting, Cablemate Suspension System and further ductwork Accessories are proving very popular with customers and engineers throughout the HVAC market both at home and overseas.

Recognising and being committed to fulfilling the needs of the industry, Ductmate will continue to invest in research and development for the design of new intuitive products.

At Ductmate we will strive to maintain the high level of quality associated with all products we supply and the customer service we provide.

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