History of Ductmate
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Quality Management System Certification
Rectangular Joints

Ductmate rectangular jointing systems have been designed to combine optimum strength and durability with speed and ease of installation.   Available in five sizes to suit rectangular steel ductwork from 400mm to 3000mm.

All Ductmate Slide on Flanges have been granted the HVCA approved DW TM1 Certificate following independent testing by BSRIA.

Ductmate 20
Ductmate 25
Ductmate 30
Ducmate 20 corner
ductmate corner
Ductmate 30 corner

Ductmate 35 
Ductmate 45
35 corner
45 corner


To identify the right Ductmate rectangular jointing system for your needs, simply select the correct pressure class and refer to the table which gives recommendations for Duct Sizes when manufactured to DW144.

500 Pa
1000 Pa
2000 Pa